Kvartuk - comfortable & handy
chef apron

About us

We - atelier in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, sew women's light and outerwear fabric, fur and leather, as well as restore men's and women's clothing.

Why we are best
for you

We make clothes more than 40 years, from year 2000 as an independent venue.

Years of experience

We sew a lot of clothes, often complex and bespoke.

Love our customers

This love is manifested in what we do.

Guarantee excellent quality of tailoring

Sew lines will be straight, threads will not hang around.



Water-repellent treatment


Cotton fabric component on the underside

Quality materials/

Durable steel Italian hardware

Chest Logo/

Your logo on the apron

/Different Colours

Different colors are possible, but more often than not, we recommend black as the most nonspottable

/Towel Ring

Clean hands in every situation


Convenient pocket for small items

/Special measurements for special cases

In the case of a non-standard figure, we will make changes to the design of the product

According to one version, the word 'Kvartuk' evolved from the Latin word quarta (kvarta), which means 'quarter'. I.e. once it was a piece of fabric with four sides and four straps.


199 +


20 +


30 +



Choose your model.

  • Light
  • 18 / 21$ / 1350
  • Everything as in Standard, but without towel ring
  • Order
  • Standard
  • 22 / 25$ / 1650
  • Comfortable & handy apron with your logo, pocket and towel ring
  • Order

  • Personal
  • 24 / 27$ / 1750
  • Everything as in Standard, plus apron owner name on the chest
  • Order

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